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what can I say, Crack heads 2 )_ good guys 0, you guys might have thought I have lost the battle , But not the War, This was all past of my plan, to ride out the truth like a Big wave and riding it out, I was just having a little fun, since I was in the right and all by representing Principal and truth, end of Story, Bunch of Big babies kissing ass, Not my style what can I say, I will pay for my Burnt Storm tech Jacket that was ruined, & I smile & wave, Positive Vibration, if you can't take a joke, Fuck you all, come find me I am looking for a fight this year, & if you feel you can beat me at my own game, I can be found in lethbridge, talk to my coach, we can set it up, Corey you wanna have a grudge match Buddy, I am ready to rumble anytime you think you can out smart me pal, never come near me in this life again, we have no further connection you have always just got me in trouble GUy, abide by this No problems, Invade my personal space in this life ever again, you better be able to aviod the rear naked choke or Block heave hard leg kick my no existent Human , we are no disconnect for good, that was the least I can do for you, mabey now you will take things more seriously in life rather then being a joker. I forgive all, No problem, I got out what needed to be said, and the truth is the truth I have that, thats the attitude of a real warrior so you understand ,..