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CRITICAL OMISSIONS WITH HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH: Broadcast Date: 01-08-2013 Host: Douglas Duane Dietrich Host Doug Dietrich hits the ground running in this Premiere Episode of the New"Topic(s) Tuesday" Format for CRITICAL OMISSIONS, wherein he Foregoes Guest Appearances to contend with Current Events in the First Half of the Opening Hour (in this Case: A United German Company's Production of a Drone-Eating LASER and the Sleep Dysrhythmia experienced in Prolonged Space-Trip Simulations, etc.) The Main Hour of the Program was Dedicated to the Historical Realities of The Christian Othodox Church of Byzantium -- as January 7th---8th is Byzantine Orhodox Christmas per the Julian Calander -- the reasons behind why DD Dietrich himself underwent a Battlefield Conversion into The Eastern Church while Contracted to the Royal House of Yugoslavia-In-Exile and how that Dynasty's Greatest Scion: King Alexander I The Unifier, was Murdered in History's First Film-Recorded Assassination through what will ultimately be Recognized as The Opening Rounds of World War II-In-Europe. Mr. Dietrich Invited Calls & Questions after Reviewing the Hidden Holocaust of World War II as Committed by The Roman Catholic Church in its Mass-Murder of Two Million Serbs; while Compounding this Atrocity through Bribing the United States Bomber Command into Attacking their own Allies On-Behalf of The Axis.