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This video is an overview of life in The Central Highland jungles during 1968-1969 as a US Army paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Included are various photos showing the life of a GRUNT (infantryman) during a tour of duty in then South Vietnam. Included are views of a tunnel rat, sounds of a "Blue-eared" Barbet which is common in the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, many areas of Southeast Asia and in other tropical jungles of the world. I believe the "Blue-eared" Barbet is also what we paratroopers and other grunts referred to as a "Re-up" bird. Also included are sounds of the -uck You Lizard that was also well known to grunts as they manned their foxhole positions in the jungles of South Vietnam. Photos are from various military units and locations during the Vietnam War and a tribute to all who served in Vietnam or supported all the United States military personnel, directly or indirectly.

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